I’ve been at the mercy of men just following orders. Never again. 

The Star Glider

27% Strength, 10% Bloodlust, 42% Intelligence, 32% Spirit, 35% Vitality and 43% Agility!

The Star Glider

Using a powerful and ancient form of combat, Star Gliders appear to effortlessly slide across the ground as they move and attack. In fact, Star Gliders are actually hovering slightly above the surface of the ground using their powerful mastery over electromagnetism. Since their feet never touch the ground, the movements of Star Gliders are nearly impossible to predict, making Star Gliders extremely formidable adversaries. By using powerful rune magic to control electromagnetic fields, Star Gliders can manipulate terrestrial and cosmic plasmas! In addition, they have limited control over metals, and will often use magnetism to create shields and weapons out of any metals in the surrounding areas. Occasionally, Star Gliders may be skilled at controlling the energy within their own bodies, and they’ll use that skill to undergo various minor transformations. For example, some Star Gliders possess the ability to transform and harden their own skin, making them more resistant to damage. Other Star Gliders who aren’t skilled with transformation can simply condense metallic particles around their body to form a strong protective layer and enhance their defenses. Star Gliders are also quite skilled with powerful elemental magic and light magic, making them even more dangerous opponents in battle! By combining this incredibly powerful magic with their superlative combat skills, Star Gliders can release powerful blasts of electromagnetic energy, making them almost impossible to best in battle.

Congratulations on achieving this powerful class!

This is a powerful mixed class that requires at least three variables to be extremely high.

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